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Nachbarn helfen

A clever little contribution to solving the problem of care!

People are ready to help!

leichtR makes use of the “small courtesies” that your neighbors too show when they can be sure that they are not being taken for granted. Bring some bananas, pick up a prescription? leichtR means the person who’s right there anyway takes care of it. Everyone else can opt out anytime without being noticed.

leichtR supplements professional home care entities with services that cannot be offered within their existing structures. leichtR enables neighborship in which it’s also OK to be weak.
Being considerate.

Those in need exert moral pressure when they call or use texts. Nor are group texts services the solution, since they result in a huge communications flood among many participants.

By sending requests through leichtR, the individual shows consideration for the helper and is rewarded with greater willingness to help. With leichtR one no longer needs to fear being a burden to others and can in good conscience ask for all the little things that make life a little better again.

Video clip (90 seconds short)

leichtR is a kind of texting/SMS-system that protects helpful persons and distributes inquiries very reluctant to trustworthy people.

sequential inquiries
leichtR asks only those neighbors who are willing, one after the other. No one is unnecessarily disturbed, and the search stops as soon as someone accepts the task. And no one will ever know who declined to accept a request.

Because everything is possible, but nothing has to be.


Could it be that your pharmacist has already set up an assistance community for her regular customers? Or your landlord is involved by assuming the 19.95€ monthly fee for his tenants? Even faraway relatives are happy to contribute their part by bearing this minor expense so that parents or grandparents can remain longer in their own four walls.

Check here to see whether there are already assistance communities in your neighborhood and ask the administrator whether you can participate. Then leichtR doesn’t cost you anything!

The person who starts an assistance community also determines who can participate. Your acceptance is not automatic. The administrator will probably want to get to know you first, but most are eager to add new participants.

Or found your own assistance community where you yourself determine which people you want to include. leichtR can be used as soon as a few individuals have accepted your invitation.

leichtR is intended expressly to be used also by pharmacists, therapists, landlords,… who want to do something for their neighborhood. Of course private individuals can form assistance communities for their own reasons as well.

Sorry, but that’s about as complicated as it gets. You simply need to join an existing assistance community or start one yourself. Requests can then be sent immediately, or you can help to ensure that everyone in your surroundings has a better life.

And leichtR will soon be adding more tasks that make life better for those who can’t be strong all the time. Stay tuned
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leichtR Logo
leichtR is a product of helpodo GmbH, Viehoferstr. 31, 45127 Essen, Germany, phone: +49 201/85788355, E-Mail: info@helpodo.de

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Background: leichtR is ad-free and sells your data to no one. We support ourselves entirely from the 19.95€ which landlords, pharmacists and relatives pay monthly for giving their tenants, customers or family members a better life right where they live. leichtR was conceived in the famous Essen "GeKu-Haus", a multi-generational house connected with the creative center "Unperfekthaus" and its "unperfektLABS"-thinktank. leichtR is not a purely commercial product, because we have created leichtR not just for you, but emphatically for ourselves as well, so that we can live our own lives and old age as comfortably as possible.

We would like to thank Prof. Dr. oec. troph. Elisabeth Leicht-Eckardt, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, who assists leichtR as an expert consultant.

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